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Eloisa Alden

Owner/Lash Artist/Master Trainer

IG: @pretty_eyes_by_eloisa

Before Eloisa was a business owner and incredible lash technician she worked 10 years in the dental field. She felt that wasn’t her path. That her dream job was out there and it wasn’t at her 9 to 5. So she took her first lash course in 2018 and fell in love with the art of lashing. She now runs her very own salon (PEA Studios) and still today has the same passion for her art as she did from the start. She also holds classes in her salon to train and certify others to apply lash extensions in hopes that they too fall in love with the process and have a career that they enjoy. Come get lashed or take a class with our beautiful Eloisa!


Melly Talerico

body sculpting/ lipo laser/skin tightening

IG: @mellyssculpting_spa

As a proud mother, Melly loves to spend time with her family. When introduced to the beauty industry she didn’t know what to expect; or if she’d even enjoy it. As she continued her education in being an esthetician she became comfortable and confident and felt it was time to dive in. She became the amazing esthetician artist she is today. 


Gabriella Martinez

Nail Artist

IG: @nailzbyg_helotes

Gabriella is the oldest daughter of owner, Eloisa. You could say her interest in the industry started early, as her mother exposed her to the endless possibilities. She has been a nail technician for 3 years and she only continues to progress everybody single day. Whether it’s a basic French tip or a blinged out abstract design you want, she can do it all.


Ciara Fields

Licensed Esthetician

Caira is a licensed esthetician and cosmetologist who has had 15+ years  of experience in the beauty industry and specializes in multiple different areas. As well as a variety of trainings that has helped her continue learning new things in the industry. She has a passion for people and believes that there is nothing more fulfilling than making a positive impact on others and seeing her clients achieve their goals

Screenshot 2022-09-22 at 11.33.16 AM.JPEG

Jennifer Grant

Brow Artist/Lip Blusher

IG: @brow_by_jennifergrant

Jennifer Grant has been an expert in brows for 5 years. She specializes in microblading, powder brows and lip blushing. She finds her true devotion and passion in her craft. She offers the newest beauty techniques and trends with real proven results. She has her clients leaving with beautiful brows and lips every time. She aims to improve confidence and self-esteem with her services.


Khadijah Murial

Licensed Esthetician

Khadijah is a mom of two beautiful daughters aside from her family she is a hard working amazing person if you don't already know her! Her passion is her love for lashing as she applies her expertise to every client individually she is amazing at creating her artistry in lashing in every way! She can't wait to meet you 

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